About Us…

Wow Hockey…

Started as a way to showcase really cool and interesting hockey events around the world…Pretty much anything in hockey that makes you say “WOW”. We got tired of seeing the same ole’ beer league tournaments, hockey camps, etc., so we decided to partner up with some of the coolest people in the game…

The team…

Ryan Bahl

Michaela Bahl

Rob Ruszala
Logistics / programs

Augie Loya

Adam Sherlip
The Hockey Foundation

Mike leggo
NHL liaison

Sameh Ramadan
egypt ice hockey

Pete Kamman
Programs (elevated hockey)

Keith Fong
Powerplay SE (Hong Kong)

Curtis Dracz
Can Life sports (CHina)

Pavel barber
camp coach

Amy Wesson
Programs / penguins (NHL)

Contact us…

p: 619-550-2545

e: info@hockey4all.com